Grashrak's Despoilers

Basic Warband Information:

  • Warband Icon:

Number of Fighters: 6

Typical Play-style: Hold Objective/Aggro

Difficulty: High

Grand Alliance: Chaos

Season: Beastgrave

Warband Description

Grashrak's Despoilers are a 6 fighter warband that can be played either in an aggro or objective holding style, but tend to thrive when you combine the two into a flex setup. 6 fighter warbands are also rare, and give a small boost to your flexibility in setup.

The warband has a built-in reroll mechanic from their leader Grashrak each time you make a kill. Combine that with a fast, 3 dmg heavy hitter in Draknar and you can threaten any enemy fighter early in the game. The rest of the fighters can take on specific roles, but really need upgrades to become a threat. The main weakness of these mutant goats is their fragility so make sure to kill the enemy quickly!

Fighter Cards:

Common Warband Cards

Model Assembly Instructions (if available):

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