The Chosen Axes

Basic Warband Information:

  • Warband Icon:

Number of Fighters: 4

Typical Play-style: Control/Aggro/Hold Objective

Difficulty: Very High

Grand Alliance: Order

Season: Shadespire

Warband Description

The Chosen Axes are arguably the slowest warband of the game and also have one of the trickiest inspiration conditions, but once inspired, they also become one of the deadliest, with accurate attacks and some insane damage output.

If you like axe blows, finesse moves and challenges, you may also enjoy this warband.

With two strong fighters, two very decent sidekicks, a few good objectives, and some excellent gambits, their natural play-style is a fairly unique mix of aggro, hold objectives and control.

Fighter Cards:

Common Warband Cards

Model Assembly Instructions (if available):

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