The Wurmspat

Basic Warband Information:

  • Warband Icon:

Number of Fighters: 3

Typical Playstyle: Control/Aggro

Difficulty: High

Grand Alliance: Chaos

Season: Beastgrave

Warband Description

The Wurmspat are the game’s 6th three fighter warband and what could be considered the 5th “stormcast equivalent,” with 4 wounds, 3 move (Sanson Farstrider and Brodus Blightbane being small exceptions to this rule), and solid defensive stats. What separates the Wurmspat from these other warbands in their increased durability via their special rule, a bit more of a focus on objectives, and having a single wizard. Notably, they are also the first Beastgrave warband to include no Hunters.

This warband’s primary play-style is a mix of control and aggro, with some magic and hold objective capabilities available as well.

Fighter Cards:

Common Warband Cards

Model Assembly Instructions (if available):

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